Villa Venti

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Villa Venti is the inspiring story of an Italian winegrowing family that believes in a future built with their own hands. In Romagna’s gently-rolling hills, just beyond the Rubicon river, between Roncofreddo, a modest yet magical medieval village, and Longiano, a small town upon which the European Union bestowed its title of “ideal village,” lives a family of three generations. It is with their smiles and passionate commitment that they bring out unique terroir wines every day from their corner of earth. 

Style, traditions, culture, rhythms: all exercised within the context of artisanship, of sharing, and of growth, and a way of life that is mindful, sustainable, and respectful of the environment, trees and plants, the grapevine, and man. They believe in a philosophy of life that learns from nature, without stress, stands against waste and pollution, and in which organic and biodynamic principles are central and uncompromising.

“It is our desire to express the land for which we have the deepest respect, because it provides nourishment for the crops and character for the grapes that we respect in the winecellar. Precisely in order to preserve, uncompromised, the expression of this particular growing locus, we grow only grape varieties native to our area: sangiovese, famoso, and centesimino. We strive every day to preserve intact that life-force that flows from the roots into the senses of those who drink the wine, conveying the “Genius Loci” and our way of crafting a distinctive wine.”



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