Tua Rita

Tuscany, Italy
Sicily, Italy

TUA RITA is one of Italy's cult wine producers. Located in Suvereto in Tuscany, the 2 hectares of vines purchased in 1984 by Rita and Virgilio have now grown to 45 hectares. They made their name in the mid-90s with their flagship, the Redigaffi. However, it has become difficult to give all the prestige of this house to the Redigaffisince the quality of their other wines is remarkable. Their wines, which are different blends, all have one element in common: the personality of the terroir with iron notes accompanied by a progressive development of flavors.

Born from the harmony of their passion for winemaking and the natural potential that the land provides, TUA RITA's philosophy is quality without compromise. This is why the vines are managed with the fundamental objective of helping the plants to protect themselves by ensuring a healthy soil and environment through the use of a biological procedure.



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