Raína Francesco Mariani Viticoltore

Umbria, Italy

« My name is Francesco Mariani, I am a cook and winemaker in Montefalco in Umbria. I produce wine from biodynamic principles with my friend and collaborator Andrea Mattioli. We do not use chemical herbicides, fertilizers, or synthetic pesticides. To treat the vines, we use only copper, sulphur and infusions and decoctions of plants. For fertilizer, we use biodynamic preparations and green compost, from our own prunings etc. In the future, to protect the vines from disease and parasites, we aim to increase the use of homeopathy and permaculture. All phases of production, from pruning to harvest, are performed manually. Fermentation always occurs spontaneously.

« Raina » was the nickname of the previous owner of the field where we planted the first of our Sagrantino vines. We chose this name for the cantina to preserve the link between the land and its history. Cantina Raìna was founded in 2002 thanks to the vision of Fabrizio Mariani, who acquired an old farmhouse in 12 hectares of land (around 30 acres) near the village of Turri di Montefalco. Our 10 hectares of vineyards, planted between 2002 and 2008, lie between 220 and 300 meters a.s.l. The soil is of medium consistency and rich in texture, with mainly southeasterly exposure. We use spurred cordon to train the red grapes and Guyot for the white grapes, with planting density at about 5,700 vines per hectare. We planted Sagrantino in three fields: " Campo di Raìna ", " Campo di Colonnello " and " Le Pretelle ". In " Campo della Gobba " we planted Sangiovese and Syrah, and in " Le Campette " there is Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot and Trebbiano Spoletino. »   - Francesco Mariani


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