Veneto, Italy

PuntoZero turns a new wine page. The de’Besi family firmly believes in the Colli Berici, and its confidence has led to production of outstanding red wines in a territory that is still relatively unknown in the world of wines. The great challenge they have taken up in this land is writing a new chapter in the history of wine. Outstanding red wines, made from international varieties high in drying. Pioneers of a path that no one had yet taken.

There are seven wines: A single white, from Pinot Bianco grapes “Trasparenza” and six reds, from Cabernet sauvignon “Idea”, Merlot and Cabernet “Dimezzo”, Merlot “Punto” and Syrah “Virgola” grapes. Plus, two native grape varieties, a Tai Rosso and a Carmenere. These wines all offer a perfect balance of elegance and robustness. The use of drying for the Tai Rosso, Carmenere, Merlot and Syrah grapes immediately places them among the great red wines of the region as well as among the most innovative. The land is that of the Colli Berici, the hills just a few miles from the ancient city of Vicenza. History, architecture, monuments, goldsmithing and theatres are key features of this city, attracting visitors from around the world. A world that PuntoZero illustrates with elegant and well-structured wines, as if the director were Andrea Palladio.



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