Casa Emma

Tuscany, Italy

Casa Emma is a sustainable winery founded in 1969 located in Tuscany in the special area of San Donato in Poggio-Chianti Classico at an altitude of 600 m. The Bucalossi Family bought the Estate from the Florentine noblewoman Emma Bizzarri. The 28 Hectares of vineyards are certified organic and biodynamic viticulture. They are constantly monitored by a sophisticated wireless system for environmental and climate control. Casa Emma is a young and dynamic team with winemaker and agronomist within the Company, no consultants. The production is 150,000 bottles per year. Something very unique is that there are 80 geese in one vineyard, Vignalparco, to avoid the soil compaction, grass control among the rows and natural soil fertilization. They also recycle the skins of the grapes to produce a pomace flour for food industry.



April 5, 2016 |

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